Gifts & Novelities

ChannelR has an incredible collection of gifts and novelties, from favorites like the Sippers, Wallets, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, Coasters, Dispensers, Momentoes, Pens, Organizers, Card Holders, Diaries, Writing Pads, Bags, Key Chains and Selfie Pole, Clocks, Pillow Covers, Stone, Wood, Jagsaw, Certificates, Frames, Ceramic Plates, Calendar’s,  to gift essentials like sassy greeting cards and candy!

Customised Job

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Trophy Gift

Therefore, we offer you personalised gifts that make a difference as well as it live an ... In this personalised gift, you can have photograph and write up for your self or your organisation.

T Shirts

Searching for the perfect T-Shirt? We have a wide selection of t shirts and clothes. There are shirts for women, men, and children, with themes from pop culture to politics to photos. Our tees also make great and memorable gifts for your friends and family. That are guaranteed to make a statement!

About ChannelR


For nearly decade’s dedication to creating the highest quality products and exceeding customer expectations has positioned us as one of the largest and most respected Display & Exhibition Material Company in New Delhi. Our skilled professionals, using the latest design technology and fabrication techniques, produce quality signage to meet our clients’ individual and very unique needs.